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Can I reserve a specific car model?

The vehicle displayed and models listed are the most common vehicles used by our car rental partners. We cannot guarantee the make or model of the rental vehicle will be the same as the vehicle displayed on our website. However, when we say ‘or similar’ we can assure you that the vehicle you collect will be of a similar grade as your initial request.

We will make every effort to supply the model displayed on our website. However, it is impossible for us to guarantee that a specific make and model will be provided. 

If the make/model of vehicle that you booked is not available, the rental agent will supply a suitable alternative from the same vehicle group classification or from a larger group.

Can I drive to neighbouring countries?

In most instances, vehicles can be taken outside of the country of rental further information can be found in the Rental Terms & Conditions on the final booking page of our online reservation system.

NB: Please contact us for one-way car rental prices for individual countries or refer to the list below.

When is a booking confirmed?

Once you have placed a booking online, you will receive a booking confirmation to the email address you supplied while placing your booking.

NB - This is not your car rental voucher and you will be unable to collect your vehicle with this email only.

A reservation is only confirmed once credit card details have been supplied and you receive a reservation voucher from us or one of our partners. This voucher must be produced on collection of your vehicle.

Online car rental bookings will be taken 12 hours before departure. Bookings for collection in the next 12 hours please contact us to insure you have your car rental voucher before traveling.


What type of credit or debit card can I use to make my booking?

We accept Switch debit cards, Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards for payment of your reservation.

What happens if I do not have a credit card?

Please contact us as some car rental partners will accept cash deposits.

How do I find out how much deposit I have to leave?


At the booking stage of the online process (after you have selected the car you wish to rent) read the Rental Terms & Conditions for more information.

NB: All deposits for both insurance excess and fuel will be advised within the Rental Terms & Conditions.


How can I cancel a reservation?

If you wish to cancel your booking please contact us. Please ensure you provide us with your booking reference number, the lead driver's name, dates and location of collection and return of rental.

Where will I find the prices for additional extras?


No Hidden Extras!

Prices are displayed in the rental Terms & Conditions on the final booking page of our online reservation system. 

NB: The rental conditions are accessed via the online car rental quote/booking engine. Change your options during the car rental booking process.


What if I want to keep the car for a longer period of time?

If you wish to extend the rental period, after collection of the car, you may be charged locally at the local daily rate, which may be higher than our pre-paid rates. You will need to contact our car rental partner directly to advise them of your revised drop-off date and to confirm the charges involved.

Extending or shortening your rental prior to travel is also possible, this can be done on the web by contacting us.

What do I do in the event of an accident?

Please contact the office from which you hired the vehicle. You will find the contact information on your voucher and/or your rental agreement. The renter will be required to inform the rental agent immediately of any accident. The renter must take the following measures:

- Obtain complete details of the persons involved in the accident as well as of any possible witnesses.
- Immediately provide the rental agent with all the details regarding the accident, which may be of use.
- Immediately notify the authorities if the third party should be investigated or in the event of injured persons.
- Do not leave the vehicle without taking correct measures to protect and safeguard it.

NB: No refunds will be made for a reservation or lost rental time if vehicles have been involved in an accident.

What age must I be to rent a car?

If your lead driver is under 25 years of age or over 65 years of age please advise at time of booking by contacting us as there may be some restrictions or an underage/overage drivers’ surcharge which will be charged locally.

What about additional drivers?

Please note that all additional extras ( additional drivers ) are all paid for at the local rental office on collection of the vehicle.

Will I have to wait in a queue to pickup my car rental?

Whilst every effort is made to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to travellers during such times of change, it is inevitable that at certain, specific times of the day when two or more major airlines arrive into a location at the same time, delays of some sort or another may occur.

What if my flight is delayed?

Please call our us with flight number. An out of hours service is usually available, the car rental partners will wait.

NB: An out of hours charge payable locally may occur.

How do I know if the car rental partner is on-airport or not?

Locations will vary depending on car rental partner, but most will have a courtesy bus to their office if they are not located directly in the arrivals lounge.

What documentation do I need on collection of car rental?

On collection of your vehicle you need the following:

- your rental voucher (which you will have received by email when your reservation was confirmed).
- A full valid driver's licence held for a minimum of 2 years.
- a major credit card in the driver's name

NB: An International driving licence/permit is only acceptable as supplementary ID when supplied with a licence from your country of permanent residence.

If I cannot print my voucher at time of booking can I print my voucher later?

Yes, simply return to your e-mail confirmation where there will be a link to retrieve your car rental voucher online.

Where is my rental voucher?

Vouchers are sent to the email address provided online at the time of reservation. The usual delivery time for car rental vouchers is 2 business days. If you still have not received you voucher after 2 business days (Exclude Sunday), please contact us and we will reissue the voucher to you. If you have made a reservation and have not recieve a booking confirmation by email, please check all spam/bulk folders for your email address.

What are your rental terms & conditions?

These are are a general example of the rental Terms & Conditions. In addition, please also read the specific country & supplier Terms & Conditions before booking your vehicle.

General Terms and Conditions

Rates do not include:

PAEP - Personal Accident Insurance/Carefree Personal Protection
Fuel - (Unless specifically notes under package type e.g. Alamo Gold in North America / South Africa)
Mandatory Charges - Should there be any, these are payable locally and are subject to local taxes/VAT.
Local Charges listed below.

Driver’s age If your lead driver is under 25 years of age or over 65 years of age please advise at time of booking as there may be some restrictions or an underage/overage drivers’ surcharge which will be charged locally.

Special requests Child Seats are required in most countries and must be requested at the time of booking. For older children we recommend that you take your own booster seats with a British Kite mark. Please note that child seats are requested by us on your behalf but cannot be guaranteed. Payable locally. Roof Racks/Ski Racks/Snow Chains are available in some locations and need to be requested at the time of booking. There is a minimal charge for these items and they will be payable locally at the time of collection. Snow Tyres/Winter Charges are mandatory in some countries. Payable locally.

One-way drop charges Picking up at one location but dropping off at another generally results in a local charge being payable locally to the supplier. Crossing country boundaries or state lines can often result in large charges payable locally. One-way rentals within mainland UK tend to result in a charge in the region of £35 payable locally. Please ask for confirmation when booking.

Out of Hours Charges Some locations offer an out of hours pick-up service, but there may be a local charge for this.

General Terms and Advice

Local Legislation All vehicle rentals are subject to the legal terms, conditions and pricing procedures of the local supplier in effect at the time of printing this contract. In the event of subsequent enactment of any law in the Country of rental, which prohibits any of those terms, conditions or pricing procedures, the local supplier terms, conditions and prices will be subject to adjustment to the extent necessary to compensate for such restrictions or prohibitions.

Flight Information At the time of booking a flight number and an estimated arrival time is required, Should you be unable to supply a flight number and estimated arrival time at the time of booking, will need this information at least 72 hours prior to departure. In the event of flight delays, should this information has not been given we cannot accept responsibility for any failed rental.

Late Bookings Please note that it is advisable that you book a minimum of 72 hours before travelling to avoid disappointment as some suppliers reservation offices do not operate over the weekends and in busy periods there may be no car availability. Bookings made on Monday to Thursday normally require a minimum of 24 hours to confirm with suppliers.

Worldwide Driving Licence Requirements A full current driving licence is required to collect a vehicle. It must be issued in the country of domicile. A translation is required if the passport is not written using the Roman Alphabet. Please note: If you have the new UK driving licence you will need to take the photocard as well as the full paper version, our suppliers may refuse to hire a vehicle to you, if you forget it. Exception to above: The terms & conditions of our contract with our suppliers dictate that we cannot rent a vehicle in North America to anyone with a North American driving licence.

Deposits Deposits vary dependant on your chosen location. A valid credit card is required with the required space on it and should be in the name as the lead driver (as per the voucher). Fuel deposits are sometimes required, if this is the case most of our suppliers require the vehicle to be returned as empty as possible. Please check locally in case the policy at your particular location is different.

Provision of Cars Please note that our suppliers reserve the right to refuse to hire a customer a vehicle, if they feel that in their opinion, the person is unfit to drive or does not meet the eligibility requirements. In such a case the contract with us will terminate and we will have no further liability to you.

Number of Passengers All our vehicles are insured to take a maximum number of passengers. We will not accept responsibility if the vehicle is not large enough to fit all passengers and luggage on arrival if details were not supplied at the time of booking.

Driving Restrictions In some countries/states you are not allowed to drive across the border, please check with reservations at the time of booking. Should you drive across one of these particular borders you will not be covered by your insurance policy and we will not be held responsible for any such outcome.

Insurance Exclusions & Excess The no excess insurance policy we have in place covers you for the excess that you may be charged if damage is caused as a result of an accident. You may be charged this excess by the local supplier, but can reclaim this providing you have a police report and have completed an accident report form on returning your car, then forward a copy of this to us. We will refund the excess that the customer has paid within 21 days of receiving their accident report form. The no excess insurance policy does not apply to prestige vehicles (Standard vehicles or higher in Europe & Minivans or higher in North America), and does not cover damage to tyres, windows, the roof, the underside, the interior of the car, towing charges or damage caused wilfully or through negligence. You may therefore be liable for the cost of this damage. Insurance cover is not provided for the contents of the vehicle in the event of theft. In the event that keys are lost or damaged you will be liable for the costs of obtaining a replacement.

Car Type/Suitability We are unable to guarantee any particular make or model of vehicle, however wherever possible we will request a specific vehicle type on your behalf. Cars are subject to availability.

Mechanical Difficulties/Accidents Most of our suppliers offer a 24-hour breakdown service, please consult your voucher wallet or ask a member of the reservations department if your specific supplier offers this service.

Complaints We aim to resolve complaints within two weeks from the date of receipt. However, from time to time some complaints take a little longer to investigate. Even in this scenario we will endeavour to close the complaint within one month from the date of receipt.

Are car rental prices all inclusive?

Always Check Supplier Terms & Conditions:
Our website compares over 550 car rental supplier prices worldwide. Each supplier has a unique set of terms and conditions, therefore please always check the individual supplier terms before placing an online car rental booking.

Most rental rates include:
1. Unlimited mileage, except Banff and Jasper in Canada and Australia and certain car types worldwide. 
2. Third party insurance.
3. All local taxes except Australia where taxes are paid locally by law.
4. Theft waiver.
5. Airport surcharges, with the exception of Israel.
6. Bail bonds (where needed).
7. Collision damage waiver liability. This covers you for damage to your hired car in the event of an accident, except where negligence is proved.

Can you confirm what the CDW excess is?

CDW covers the renter for the majority of the vehicle cost in case of an accident , damage or theft. However the inclusive amounts offered within each contract are specific to each vehicle group.

e.g. An economy vehicle that includes CDW may have an excess of 300 Euros and a compact from the same supplier may have an excess of 400 Euros.

An damage excess cover (or excess reduction fee) is offered by all suppliers, and is additional to any costs. It allows the renter to pay a daily price to reduce the excess further.

i.e You may pay 5 euros per day to reduce the excess for the economy car from 300 Euros to 100 Euros.

In some case the excess may even be reduced to 0 Euros. Although this charge is only made locally, it is not necessary for you to purchase this excess reduction fee as you are already fully insured with the CDW that is included in the pre-paid rental rate.

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